WOODMARK Quality Certification Program

1. Application and initial evaluation
2. Preliminary assessment
3. Development of a quality improvement plan
4. Quality awareness training
5. Quality system implementation
6. Certification audit and review
7. Certification granted and use of WOODMARK
8. Maintenance certification audits 

Minimum Requirements

The WOODMARK Quality Certification Program is available to any manufacturer of a wood based product. Although the WOODMARK Quality System is designed to best assist small to medium sized wood products manufacturers, it is available to wood companies of any size.

WPQC Quality Principles

  • Commitment to service quality and total customer satisfaction
  • Measurement of organizational performance
  • Fact based decision making with the use of benchmarking and statistical process control tools
  • Associate leadership and teamwork, involving everyone in the organization in improving service, quality and productivity
  • Continuous learning, innovation and improvement
  • Respect for the people and environment in which we live

Membership and Costs

Each member manufacturer that implements the WOODMARK Quality System and achieves full certification status will join an elite group of manufacturers that have made a commitment to improving their organization through quality and continuous improvement. All WOODMARK certified manufacturers become members of the Wood Products Quality Council.

Total Cost of implementation of the WOODMARK Quality System and Certification are usually very dependent on the size of the company. External support costs for implementation can range anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000, however, these costs decrease significantly with greater efforts and employee involvement. Internal costs must also be taken into account as an investment into the quality program. Certification, licensing of the WOODMARK symbol and Annual Membership costs range anywhere from $2,000 and higher.