Wood Products Quality Council (WPQC)

The Wood Products Quality Council (WPQC) was formed in 1997 with the goal to aid manufacturers in the wood products processing industry in their quest to deliver ever-improving value to their customers, while improving overall efficiency and profitability of their operations. To do this member companies must adopt the total quality principles and practices administered by the council. Quality management and benchmarking provides the framework for companies to examine everyday activities, identify opportunities for improvement, and continually strive to complete the best possible results.

The WPQC oversees and administers the WOODMARK Quality Certification Program which is based on the WOODMARK Quality System (WQS). This industry-specific certification program is designed for manufacturers of wood-based products and focuses heavily on benchmarking, process measurement, skills and training development and creating a culture of quality excellence throughout your organization. The highest level of commitment from all levels of leadership is required to develop an atmosphere of teamwork to achieve goals and set strict standards to ultimately better service customers.

WOODMARK Background and Mission

The WOODMARK™ symbol is now recognized as the symbol of quality excellence for wood products manufacturing in North America. Only those member manufacturers that have developed a comprehensive quality assurance program as a foundation for continuous improvement and excellence may apply the symbol to their products. Based on the total quality management principles established by the council, the goal of every WOODMARK certified member manufacturer is to continuously improve internal operations, which will result in better servicing of the customer and enhancing the global competiveness of wood products industries.